How Go Engage Works

Measure the current engagement levels in your organisation

The Go Engage IT Platform (called Xopa) helps you to diagnose the state of engagement in your organisation via application of our evidence based 47 question pulse survey, measuring the 9 Go Engage enablers, and engagement feelings and behaviours, every quarter of the year. You will be able to track trends over the year, flag departmental “hot spots” and identify which enablers of engagement need targeting.

Understand your culture

The Go Engage platform enables you to gain a deep understanding of your organisation’s culture, helping you to create a clear plan of action that responds to your priorities. We will advise you in a wide range of engagement interventions which have helped to improve different enablers of staff engagement, and support you (if required) with their implementation within your organisation.

Embed locally

The programme also helps embed engagement at a local level, through the Go Engage Pioneer Teams Programme. The Go Engage IT Platform can survey teams to measure their engagement enablers, feelings and behaviours and how they benchmark against your organisational norm.

Go Engage Toolkit

We provide you with our full Go Engage toolkit for teams, including all 4 essential and 4 supplementary tools. The tools enable the teams to address their precise and unique engagement deficits, in direct response to their team level diagnostic data. We provide everything you need to run the Go Engage Pioneer Teams Programme within your organisation so that you can sustainably embed engagement within teams.

Continuous Improvement

This systematic monitoring and the use of targeted engagement initiatives at multiple organisational levels creates a cycle of continuous improvement. This drives proactive improvement in organisational culture and performance

Establishing the Pulse

Quarterly Pulse Check Surveys
The programme begins with the identification of the current state of ‘Engagement’ in your organisation via the measurement of the Go Engage Model, which contains 9 enablers and 7 dimensions of staff engagement.The Go Engage survey is conducted on a quarterly basis to allow trends in the enablers and engagement levels to be closely monitored. This tool has the added capability to administer the quarterly “Staff Friends and Family Test” for NHS organisations.


Presentation of Results
The findings of the first Go Engage Pulse Check are presented to the senior management team at a half-day planning workshop, where we support you in creating a forward plan to address the findings.


“Xopa” by Go Engage
“Xopa” is an IT system provided by Go Engage, which allows the organisation to review, monitor, interact with, and delve into results from the Go Engage Pulse Check.
The system provides easy access to all current and historical reports of results, as well as the identification of “hot spots” within the organisation; areas, departments or groups of staff where engagement has been observed to differ significantly from the norm for the organisation. Furthermore, “Xopa” enables organisations to benchmark themselves against other organisations within the Go Engage collaborative network, which gives a higher level knowledge of engagement within the organisation.

Equipping you with the tools

Go Engage “Train the Trainer”
We provide training for up to six internal staff members in the full Go Engage toolkit, which includes four essential and four supplementary tools.
This experiential learning programme will give your organisation confidence to apply engagement tools at scale, quality and pace. The full pioneer team toolkit including videos and case study material will enable your organisation to equip team leaders with engagement tools bespoke to their engagement needs.
Go Engage Pioneer Team Program
Using your expertise from the Go Engage Train the Trainer workshop, we support you in the set up and the running a Pioneer Team Programme within your organisation. The Pioneer Teams Programme is a 26 week initiative that facilitates the measurement of engagement levels within the teams via the Go Engage Model. This helps individual teams to identify their own specific needs, and understand the degree their levels of engagement differ to the Trust norm. The teams are equipped with specific tools from the Go Engage Toolkit, to help them to systematically address and improve their engagement. The Programme creates a culture in which teams feel empowered to engage in, and offer up, service improvements through their own initiative.

Giving a Helping Hand

As you progress on your engagement journey we will assist you in whatever way you see fit, be that coaching, co-facilitation, strategy development, buddying or advice on action plans. We can also arrange site visits for you to see the tools in action, or create bespoke engagement solutions where required.

Following Year One
We want you to have an engagement approach that your organisation can implement self-sufficiently and sustainably. After year one you will be equipped with the practical tools to drive engagement and have a rich amount of organisational and team level data to draw valuable insight from. To ensure that you continue to have the data you need to drive the continuous improvement of engagement and culture, we can provide you with a licence to the IT Platform for additional years.

Go Engage Collaborative
As part of joining Go Engage you will have access to the Go Engage collaborative network. Our network provides you with the opportunity to share learning with other organisations on which solutions work well at targeting the nine Go Engage Enablers. The network is a valuable resource for understanding what works to improve staff engagement.

Why Choose Us?
Organisations up and down the country are reaping the benefits of the Go Engage framework.
Organisations implementing Go Engage have the freedom to seamlessly embed Go Engage their way. Our tools are transferred and integrated within your organisation’s own branding and infrastructure, without appearing as an “external initiative”.